Your HCG Releases HCG Diet Weight Loss Tracker

HCG Diet Weight Loss Tracker

The HCG diet is all about seeing fast results with your weight loss and what better way than with a customized HCG diet weight loss tracker.  Your HCG is pleased to announce its release of theHCG Diet Weight Loss Tracker, hcg diet boost weight for download after they purchase HCG. It is a great  tool that helps eliminate any allowance for error when it comes to scheming weight loss while on the HCG diet protocol. When a client can easily track their HCG loss, it will encourage them to stay focused and carry on following the HCG protocol for level best loss.

How does the HCG Diet Weight Loss Tracker Work?

Owner Jaime Edmund stated ‘On the Your HCG weight tracking chart, you’ll enter in your measurements such as one’s pounds and inches. We recommend weighing yourself on a digital scale every morning after you’ve used the restroom. We also recommend that you weigh yourself naked so there will not be a variation in your weight due to clothing. You’ll enter your current weight into the HCG weight loss tracker, and it calculates your total loss.’discount-coupon-copy

Your HCG also recommends that their clients amount their inches once a week. It’s easiest to do this with a cloth tape amount. This can be found at any fabric store for just a few dollars. Anyone on the HCG diet will want to amount his or her arms, thighs, stomach, etc. Some people enjoy measuring themselves every day so they can see how many inches they are truly losing on the HCG diet. However by measuring once a week, they will still get an accurate reading. Once you have measured your inches, enter it into the weight loss tracker. This will calculate the exact number of pounds and inches you are losing.  But remember, the program is called Pounds and Inches, so you may lose inches for a period of time then pounds. Overall, as long as their clients are consistently losing within the weekly average, there is nothing to be concerned with.3a684-read2bmore

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