Is the hCG Diet Dangerous?

The hCG Diet seems to be everyplace in the news these days – people from all walks of life are trying it and accomplishing the results they have always hoped for.  But is it safe? You will find conflicting reports all across the internet, but what you won’t find is check of any of these risks or that the data comes from sources that followed the hCG diet protocol as set out by Dr. Simeons, the creator of the system, back in the 1950’s. 

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Most of us know that hCG is the hormone produced in fraught women.  The actual amount used in the diet is very low levels (125-200 IU) – these levels are keep abreast along with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) -this is key in accomplish the results you want, and a factor that many of the studies that detractors use are guilty of not following. 

Dr. Simeons maintained that when keep abreast arights, your body will learn to metabolise fat aright, thus eliminating the bad effects that many of us have seen from past diet attempts (ie: sagging skin, no energy, constant hunger pangs).  He maintained that there are three types of body fat:  structural, normal, and abnormal.

In short, Structural fat is the tissue surrounding our internal organs and is critical to our health and body functioning normally.  Normal fat is what our body stores as energy reserves for the times when it is not having its needs met and needs to draw from us to fuel our body from our metabolism when energy is needed. Abnormal fat are those areas that form around our mid-sections, thighs and hips, that it seems no amount of exercising or dieting can remove. 

One wonders of course, how people can survive on such a low calorie intake (500-600 per day), wouldn’t the body have no energy and the hunger pangs be unbearable?  Here’s the amazing part!   The people following the diet aright have found that the calories entering the bloodstream from burning the abnormal fat actually prevent you from feeling hunger pangs! And even more amazing, people claim that its better not to exercise when following this diet because the exercise actually makes them more hungry and less likely to follow the diet! discount-coupon-copy

Now for the interesting part- the dangers of hCG:

There is NO evidence, that when keep abreast aright, the low dosages of hCG(125-200 IU) in Dr. Simeons Protocol is dangerous.  Yes, you read that right.  NOevidence.  The claims that you may read of dangers refer to studies that did not follow his protocol and used large doses.  Of the studies that claim to prove the hCG diet doesn’t work, NONE of them adhered to the original diet protocol set out  by Dr. Simeons.  Both the low dosages of hCG and the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) must be used in conjunction to achieve the amazing results that are showing up everyplace.3a684-read2bmore

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